ANNOUNCEMENTS – 26 November 2017

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Scripture readings for this Sunday – Christ the King
Ezekiel 34:11–16, 20–24; Ephesians 1:15–23; Matthew 25:31–46

Scripture readings for the following Sunday – Advent I
Isaiah 64:1–9; 1 Corinthians 1:3–9; Mark 13:24–37

Our Parish Community

Our next pot-luck supper is for the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, on Friday, 8 December. A sign-up sheet is already set up in Hiscocks Hall. If you are able to help out with set-up or clean-up, please put your name down – if we don’t have enough people signed up, we can’t make it happen!

** Our Annual Advent Bake Sale takes place on Sunday, 10 December, after the 9.30 am and 11.00 am masses! We need lots of goodies, volunteers and consumers to help make it a great success. If you can bring some goodies and/or volunteer to help out, could you please add your name to the sign-up sheet on the Hospitality bulletin board outside the kitchen or speak to Viola Lang or Lynn Singer.

Save the Date – Friday, 16 February 2018: That date is the fiftieth anniversary of the death of Healey Willan, who served SMM as its organist and director of music from 1921 until his death. We are planning an event that evening which will celebrate Willan’s contribution to the musical life of this parish and the entire Church. Put it in your calendars!

Positive Space

When I’m asked to describe SMM to someone outside the parish, my response is always to focus on the deep and wonderful diversity of this Christian community. Our diversity includes (and is not limited to) theological and liturgical points of view, age, race, culture, sexual identity and orientation and socioeconomic status. I believe that it is this diversity which makes us who we are: strong, quirky, committed, engaged, vibrant, opinionated, faithful. Recently the parish Advisory Board, after several conversations, decided that we would identify SMM as “positive space”, and you may have noticed that positive space symbols have now been included on our doors and signage. Identifying ourselves as “positive space” means that we are committed to contributing to the creation of an environment that welcomes sexual and gender diversity, that we are ready to respond supportively to people of all sexual orientations or gender identities, and also prepared to challenge discriminatory language and stereotypical talk. I am proud that SMM has taken this step, and ask you to join me and others in making this so. David+   

Spiritual Growth for Adults

** Sunday, 3 December, after each mass: Liturgy Moments. Join Fr David after each mass for a brief chat about an aspect of liturgy. This month’s topic: What is the season of Advent all about?


The Wednesday Morning Discussion Group meets from 11.00 am to noon following the 10.00 am Mass. We are currently reading The Divine Dance by Richard Rohr. Newcomers are always welcome. For more information, please contact Fr David.

Centering Prayer Group: Join us every Thursday from 6.00 pm to 7.00 pm to learn and practice this form of Christian meditation. We gather for prayer in the lounge at 6.00 pm, followed by discussion. This fall we are reading The Heart of Centering Prayer by the Rev’d Cynthia Bourgeault. Anyone is welcome to join – we will give support for prayer practice and the text. For more information please speak with Mary Catherine Doyle.

Lenten Retreat: The annual Lenten Retreat at St. John’s Convent will be held from 4.00 pm on Friday, 9 March, until 2.00 pm on Sunday, 11 March. The retreat will be led by Sister Elizabeth, the Reverend Mother of the Sisterhood of St. John the Divine. The cost this year will be $220.00 per person, which includes simple accommodation and meals. There are thirteen spots available. If you would like to reserve your spot, please provide a $75.00 non-refundable deposit to Fr David with cash or a cheque payable to “SMM Discretionary Fund” (subsidies are available). For more information, please speak with Fr David.

Collegium Magdalenae: An Introduction to Ecotheology, Tuesdays, 17 October to 28 November, 7.00–8.30 pm. A six-week program on the meaning and implications of ecotheology. No previous background required. We will provide short readings, presentations and opportunities for discussion. Brian and Carole both hold Diplomas in Theological Studies from the University of St Michael’s College, Toronto. Both studied ecotheology, and Brian also holds a certificate from the Elliot Allen Institute in Ecology and Theology. For more information, please contact Brian Gibson at or Carole Giangrande at If you miss a session, notes can be found at

Spiritual Growth for Children & Youth

Christmas Pageant – We will be having a Christmas pageant again this year at the 4.00 pm Sung Mass on Christmas Eve, and as always we are looking for actors! Our director this year is Noura Kevorkian – another award winning Canadian director (SMM is blessed with talent!). Rehearsals will be Sundays at 11.00 am on 3 December, 10 December, and 17 December, as well as a dress rehearsal on Saturday, 23 December, at 3.00 pm. 11.00 am children will be upstairs in time for the offertory each Sunday.

We raised over $2000.00 at our fundraiser on 5 November! Thanks to everyone who came out – your support is greatly appreciated.


PA Day Camp – 1 December, 9.00 am–4.00 pm (Before and After Care from 8.00 am–5.30 pm): Come join us as we explore the Christmas Story – including taking a trip to see the Christmas film The Star! Cost $20.00. Register now online at!


An All-Ages Night for Advent – Saturday, 2 December, 5.00–7.30 pm: A meal, songs, and stories, and make a wreath for Advent! $5.00/child, $10.00/adult, $25.00/family. If you made a wreath last year, bring your wreath form! Register at!


** Advent in Sunday School: The 9.30 Sunday School will be exploring those who called out that Jesus was coming as we await his birth on Christmas. At 11.00 am we will hold our Christmas pageant rehearsals – all children are invited to participate. Children from 11.00 am are asked to begin the service downstairs in the Jr Sunday school room. 11.00 am children will be able to return to church in time for communion.

** Faith@Home: Waiting … One way to teach children (and adults) about watching and waiting—but not in vain—is with bulbs. From a garden or big-box home store, purchase an amaryllis or several paperwhite narcissus bulbs. Fill a container with potting soil or stones. Plant the bulb in the soil or stones without about half of the bulb showing above the surface. Place the pot near a sunny window and water frequently … Start the bulbs on the first day of Advent. Gentle daily watering functions as a form of Advent discipline. Somewhere in the latter days of Advent or on one of the twelve days of Christmas, the plant will start to flower. 

Outreach & Social Justice

Community Dinner Outreach: Our next Dinner will be on Friday, 22 December, at St Thomas’, Huron Street.If you can help with rich comfort food like scalloped potatoes, chicken, ham, or beef, vegetarian dishes, and casseroles, or with set up or clean up, please contact Brian Clarke at or Joan Porter at Financial contributions are always welcomed. Please mark “Community Dinner” on your envelope.

O’Neill Centre Nursing Home: Our ministry at the O’Neill Centre continues Tuesday, 19 December, at 2.30 pm. Please consider joining this ministry of sacrament and presence. For more information, please speak to Fr David.

MURP Updates

** The young Iraqi that we resettled in Toronto last year will be coming to SMM this Sunday to meet members of the congregation. We’ve been meaning to get him here for ages, and he’s wanted to come … finally we’re making it happen. He will be at both the 9.30 and 11.00 am masses. Abdulrahman (Ab-DOOL-rach-man) is looking forward to meeting you!

** And an update on our next sponsorship, which begins on 29 November, when a family of four from Syria (via Malaysia) arrives at Pearson airport: We have found a comfortable temporary apartment for the family, and are aiming to find more permanent accommodations for January. We are doing very well for donations of furniture and household goods … thank you all. What we do have need of still are children’s car seats, ones suitable for a 5- and 8-year old. There might also be miscellaneous small things for their permanent home that we have not thought of. If you would like to help, one thing that would be very useful would be gift cards to Canadian Tire, Walmart, or any other such place, in any amount. The purchase would be eligible for a tax receipt. As always, thanks for your support.

Become a regular donor!

The ministry of this parish costs about $1,400 per day. To find out more about offering envelopes or about pre-authorized monthly giving (bank transfer/credit card), please contact the parish office at 416-531-7955 x 2 or

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