Getting Involved

The life of the parish is sustained and nurtured by the community which we form. There are a many different ways that women, men and children can become inolved in the life of the Church of St. Mary Magdalene.

One of the principal ways is involvement in the liturgy, which is central to life at SMM. Musicians, servers, readers, greeters — all these play an essential role in the liturgy (a word meaning ‘work of the people’), a hallmark of life at SMM. There are different opportunities at SMM for Christian education, where people of different ages and at different points in the spiritual journey join together for learning. Parishioners contribute in different ways to the outreach and social justice activites at SMM, including our monthly Community Dinners.

EuleenMany enjoy contributing to hospitality, including preparation for coffee hours, pot luck suppers and other special events.  Our well-equipped parish kitchen is a good place to meet others informally.

WTM_3163_smallThere are multiple opportunities for people who enjoy the arts.  Writers are welcome to contribute to our newsletter and websites. Readers can help with our parish library and join the discussion groups.  Some meet weekly and many help people in the early stages of their spiritual journeys. Visual artists can contribute to the Folk Mass and our children’s education programs.  Young actors – and some not so young – have enjoyed participating in our Christmas pageant and other dramas presented as part of the liturgy. Musicians and singers have many opportunities to contribute their support to our music ensembles.