The Chant Club

Formed as part of our 85th Anniversary of Gregorian chant at SMM, the Chant Club is designed to provide anyone interested in chant the opportunity to sing and experience this most ancient of musical forms. Instruction is provided in the history, theory, and technique of chant. But most importantly, people get to sing chant. The hallmark of the Club is that it is open to all people, whether associated with SMM or not, regardless of experience. Sessions take place after the Sunday Solemn Mass (usually at 1.15pm) on scheduled dates. Led by SMM’s Cantor Rob Castle, the Chant Club provides a comfortable and relaxed environment to learn chant.

Thanks to all those who helped bring the beauty and prayer of chant to our Solemn Mass on Christmas Eve.

We’ll restart Chant Club Sunday Jan 15 at 1.15pm and will plan for at least the following dates, with tentative prep plans:

Jan 15 Prep for Candlemas
Jan 22 Prep for Candlemas
Jan 29 Prep for Candlemas
Feb 5 No Chant Club
Feb 12 Prep for Annunciation
Feb 19 Prep for Annunciation
Feb 26 Prep for Annunciation
Mar 5 Prep for Evensong for that day
Mar 12 Prep for Annunciation and Maundy Thursday
Mar 19 Prep for Annunciation and Maundy Thursday
Mar 26 Prep for Maundy Thursday
Apr 2 Prep for Maundy Thursday

Hope to see many of you there.