Sunday 6 May                         11.00am Solemn Mass: Easter VI

  • Prelude:   Christe, redemptor omnium Healey Willan
  • Mass:        Missa brevis viii (SS. Philippi et Jacobi) Healey Willan
  • Motet:      I beheld her Healey Willan
  • Postlude:  Epilogue Healey Willan

4.00pm Organ Recital

  •   Präludium und fuge über den Namen BACH Franz Liszt
  •   Rosace Henri Mulet
  •   Fantasia and toccata in D minor Charles Villiers Stanford

4.30pm Solemn Evensong & Benediction

  • Canticles: Plainsong with fauxbourdons
  • Motet: Ave verum corpus Healey Willan
  • Postlude: Fugue on BACH Robert Schumann

Thursday 10 May                   6.30pm Procession & Solemn Mass: Ascension

  • Prelude: Voluntary William Croft
  • Mass:  Missa brevis vii (O westron wynde) Healey Willan
  • Motet: God is gone up with a merry noise William Croft
  • Postlude: Tuba tune Norman Cocker

 Sunday 13 May                       11.00am Solemn Mass: Easter VII

  • Prelude:  Duetto Johann Sebastian Bach
  • Mass:  Mass for four voices William Byrd
  • Motet: Non vos relinquam orphanos William Byrd
  • Postlude: Prelude and fugue in A minor Johann Sebastian Bach

Sunday 20 May                       10.00am Procession & Solemn Parish Mass: Pentecost

  • Prelude:  Duo (Veni Creator) Nicolas de Grigny
  • Mass: Missa brevis iii Healey Willan
  • Motet: Loquebantur variis linguis Thomas Tallis
  • Postlude:  Paean Kenneth Leighton

Saturday 26 May          10.00am Solemn Mass & Procession: Blessèd Virgin Mary

  • Prelude:  Ave maris stella Healey Willan
  • Mass:  Missa brevis Antonio Lotti
  • Motet:  Fair in face Healey Willan
  • Postlude: Fuga sopra il Magnificat Johann Sebastian Bach

Sunday 27 May                       11.00am Procession & Solemn Mass: Trinity

  • Prelude: Prelude in E flat major Johann Sebastian Bach
  • Mass:  French Mass John Sheppard
  • Motet:  Benedicta sit Tomás Luis de Victoria
  • Postlude:  Fugue in E flat major Johann Sebastian Bach