You will find an interesting group of people of all ages when you come here  -  people who make their living by writing or teaching or in helping professions like nursing, medicine and social work. Some are balancing jobs and families. Others are retired and have time and energy to engage with us in many positive ways. What all have in common is a desire to be part of a community that embodies the teachings of Jesus Christ, loving God and loving our neighbour. 

Here's what some of them have said:

" - To me, SMM means friendship, a wonderfully warm caring atmosphere, and services which are filled with beautiful music, with sermons that get me thinking and considering the role Jesus plays in my life, more than I have ever done before.” 

" -SMM is a gathering of extraordinary persons who somehow engage me, enfold me, and invite me to exercise my own distinctive brand of eccentricity within their midst."

" -I was not only warmly welcomed but invited to use my gifts that, for me, are truly life-giving. SMM is a quirky place full of smart, fun, funny people who embrace diverse voices and welcome newcomers into their midst. I am grateful for the community here and all the support I have received as my life continues to change and adapt to new and challenging circumstances.