Suggested Readings and viewings:  Phyllis Tickle


(In Toronto Public Library)

The Great Emergence.  How Christianity is Changing and Why.  2008

The Words of Jesus; The Gospels of the Sayings of Our Lord.  2008

The Shapings of a Life:  A Spiritual Landscape.   2001

Prayer is a Place, America’s Spiritual Landscape Observed.  2005

(Amazon and other publishers)

Jon M. Sweeney, Phyllis Tickle:  Essential Spiritual Writings.  Orbis Books 2015

The Divine Hours Series:  New York: Doubleday, 2001.

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The Works of Phyllis Tickle.


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Phyllis  (13 minutes)

Recovering the Ancient Practices:

Where is now our authority?

Emergent Christianity.

Many videos of sessions; including one at St. John’s York Mills, Toronto.