SMM has a history of supporting refugee families during their first year of residence in Canada. Through the years we have sponsored families from Somalia, Asia, and the Middle East, including the recent Syrian crisis. Our current team is known as MURP – standing  for Manning Ulster Refugee Project, because of the inclusion of several neighborhood supporters of the Jewish faith who are not parishioners. They have raised close to $75,000 through individual donations and a very successful silent auction. We recently welcomed another family.

Here is what the team has told us about our continuing sponsorships:

“We have completed  the first year of our sponsorship of “A”, the 20 year-old refugee from Iraq. Things are going very well for him. He’s been going to school since last September at the Central Toronto Academy, a regular TDSB high school in Little Italy. He’s doing very well, and his English has improved dramatically. A has a part-time job at a high-end dinner/jazz club in the city, which he enjoys very much. He fills his spare time with homework, going to the West End YMCA, helping with our monthly dinners, as well as the occasional lunch or dinner with some of the sponsorship committee members. In short, it has been a wonderful experience for everyone involved.”

Our most recent sponsorship, a family from Syria, has just celebrated the birth of a daughter! We are continuing our sponsorship beyond the standard year in order to assist them with their newest arrival. We are very happy for them!