Keeping kids occupied and happy


There is a wealth of activities for children and youth all summer.  We don't take a holiday at SMM. Sunday school moves outdoors.  Our community fun day for families is approaching on Saturday, July 21 and you can find out more about it here.  Volunteers are also welcome to help out and you can contact the parish office if you are interested.  Our summer camp happens at the end of August and you can register here. Other events for young people appear on our event calendar.

A winning Team!


A return game with St, Martin-in-the Fields resulted in a 13-7 win for the SMM baseball team - a vindication of their loss loss by one run in 2017.  It was overheard at the bottom of the last inning that the other team only needed 12 runs to tie - but they rallied at the end - only defeated by an amazing catch by the SMM team's youngest member, Lennon.

The game started with the traditional censing by the host team

 The game started with the traditional censing by the host team - followed by the eve more traditional singing of the national anthem. . . .

The game started with the traditional censing by the host team - followed by the eve more traditional singing of the national anthem. . . .

Then teams lined up and the game began. Tyler, who claimed not to have played for 10 years got an immediate hit and the first inning ended with a score of five to nothing.  The Roth brothers provided strong support at bat and on the field.  The rector showed his swinging prowess.  Oliver waited patiently for the junior inning for his time at bat. Spectators cheered and enjoyed the game on a perfect early summer afternoon.  Elizabeth triumphed for the second year at bat.  Thanks to Pastoral Associate Michael Perry for coordinating all the arrangments - including the distribution of Freezies.

A Very Busy Week

Pentecost fell on the long weekend this year with a joint service and readings in many languages. On Wednesday, the evening discussion of The Agile Church moved to an earlier time to accommodate a concert celebrating women's right to vote by Schola Magdalena. who had their final sound check in the nave as we talked downstairs in the hall


Their colleague and fan, ritual choir cantor Rob Castle, produced a surprise. "For a post-recital concert tonight by Schola Magdalena commemorating the 100th anniversary of women's suffrage in Canada, I baked butter tarts from the 1915 edition of "Five Roses Cook Book" - which I just happened to find on a bookcase of family memorabilia last week. This little book was a brilliant marketing tool, as within 2 years of the first 1913 edition, " nearly 600,000 copies are in daily use in Canadian kitchens - practically one copy for every second Canadian Home". All you had to do was send in the postage and you got a free copy. The great Canadian myth is that the railroad united us... I say it was baking that truly made us a united nation."

Friday night brought us 125 guests for the first cold service community dinner. 

community dinner.JPG

Saturday, the May Festival paraded around the block while the annual plant sale took place on the south lawn.

  And on Sunday afternoon, several parishioners traveled to St. Bede for the induction of the Rev'd Jennifer Schick as their new priest in charge.  One of our small people joined their Sunday School for the afternoon and even performed a celebratory anthem.

Lots of Benefits

IMG-3253 (1).JPG

On April 28 a parish team walked in the annual Rotary event in the Beach. Our goal was to raise $2,000 to support initiatives of Latinos Poisitivos - an organization that supports people from Latin American persons with HIV/Aids in Metro Toronto and beyond..  Some of their members join us on the walk and we  learn of their challenges with health and immigration as new Canadians - not the least of which is dealing different languages and cultures from their countries of origin. 

And we won a prize as a successful team - an executive tour of Steamwhistle Brewery on May 19.  We learned how a small company that wanted to start with the name "Three Guys Who Got Fired Brewery" instead became an environmentally responsible company, It values its employees and provides bottles that are recycled more than 50 times and avoids paper labels -. as well being a great place to work.  After the Blue Jay fans cleared out, we also enjoyed several varieties of pizza - and tried a cloudy pilsner available only at the brewery.  The steam whistle of Canada's early industrial days is a reminder that work is not the be-all and end-all of life and that time,  relationships and meeting with friends matter.  We agree.



A Faithworks Visit



On Sunday, May 6 we welcomed the Rev'd Beverley Williams, the Executive Director of Flemingdon Park Ministries to hear about its work. For 40 years this storefront ministry has walked alongside women suffering violence and abuse, stood with other community members against drug dealers, advocated for housing, sought to secure access to healthy food for all community members, stood up to racism through walks of peace, worked and advocated for new Canadians and refugees, and has sat with the broken hearted and listened to the stories of struggle and pain. Flemingdon Park has developed into one of the most diverse communities in Canada, and FPM has always offered, and will continue to offer a safe space for each and every community member to gather.  You can learn more about it here.

Community Fun Day Ahead

Fun Day 4.jpg

Planning has begun for our annual Family Fun Day on Saturday July 21 - part of the weekend when we celebrate our patron saint, Mary Magdalene.  Join us for this entertaining street fair with a bouncy castle, outdoor games, face painting, crafts and free food.  If we are lucky we will also have a visit from the local fire department and kids of all ages can sit in the driver's seat. Save the date and we hope to see you there.  The event is free but we would be happy to know you are coming when you register here.