Lots of Benefits

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On April 28 a parish team walked in the annual Rotary event in the Beach. Our goal was to raise $2,000 to support initiatives of Latinos Poisitivos - an organization that supports people from Latin American persons with HIV/Aids in Metro Toronto and beyond..  Some of their members join us on the walk and we  learn of their challenges with health and immigration as new Canadians - not the least of which is dealing different languages and cultures from their countries of origin. 

And we won a prize as a successful team - an executive tour of Steamwhistle Brewery on May 19.  We learned how a small company that wanted to start with the name "Three Guys Who Got Fired Brewery" instead became an environmentally responsible company, It values its employees and provides bottles that are recycled more than 50 times and avoids paper labels -. as well being a great place to work.  After the Blue Jay fans cleared out, we also enjoyed several varieties of pizza - and tried a cloudy pilsner available only at the brewery.  The steam whistle of Canada's early industrial days is a reminder that work is not the be-all and end-all of life and that time,  relationships and meeting with friends matter.  We agree.