Decor, Movement, Rhythm

Turning a church hall and classroom into ancient Babylon for our week long camp is a challenge, but the decor is superb.

On Monday there were great ways for campers to get to know one another.  Leader Kim suggested that everyone in the circle create a gesture for the rest of us to imitate as everyone said their names.  We then built a whole series of gestures as we went around the circle and finally put all our gestures together..


On Tuesday morning everyone reintroduced themselves again with a new gesture and we went round the ring again. At the end we said hello to everyone with our individual gestures.

Then we went on to learn a poem about Babylon and added some choreography. Several small groups showed off their versions and competed with enthusiasm.


Later we learned some music with the words, kyrie eleison.


And it was soon time for stories, snack, crafts and a quick game of soccer.

In the afternoon, we visited Allan Gardens for a tour and scavenger hunt.