Our Fifth Parish Fun Day


The block between Manning and Euclid on Ulster Street sported barricades and nearby Healey Willan Park had an additional permit as we loaded tables, awnings, games and craft supplies once more for our annual celebration of our Festival Weekend. It’s a great way to share the Feast of St. Mary Magdalene with our neighbours. It wasn’t long before families started to arrive on the morning of July 20th..

The first place to visit is the Bouncy Castle much loved by local children - and even adults!

Games of many kinds come out every year challenging both kids and their parents. For the first time our new curate, Mtr. Johanna Pak, was called into action. Bubble wand and dice- throwing proficiency grow with practice and Jenga blocks find a new use..

On a hot day face painting and crafts under a shady tree are good options.

The kitchen crew arrived on the lawn at 12:00 after preparations in the kitchen and many took advantage of a free lunch.

And even on a hot day, traditional church picnic races provide the right ending for the day. Age didn’t disqualify some of the winners, and marshmallow on a spoon was a suitable reward. A three legged race gave showed that being a twin meant you had more experience in working together.

And then the drama of the grand finale event before a dip in the wading pool. There is nothing quite like throwing a wet sponge into a basketball net mounted on a hat. Thanks especially to the Children and Youth Team - Adam, Melisa and Alice for their leadership and initiative.