Summer Camp Begins - Day 1


Camp began with a flourish as children arrived to travel to Egypt and the land of the Pharaohs - or at least as our converted church hall imagines it to be.- to learn about Joseph and his amazing adventures as dreamer, prisoner and viceroy to the Pharaoh. It’s also a story about brothers and how they reconcile. We started the morning adventure with 17 eager campers and another expected tomorrow. It’s our fifth consecutive camp and for each one we welcome children who return and those who attend for the first time.

Those who arrive early have a chance to get acquainted while the story lady checks the topic. When the drum sounds, the shoes come off and everyone follows the music lady in a lively procession; and then has a chance to learn everyone’s name through an active game where each camper invents a special move and the others follow and try to remember it.

Designer snacks are a camp tradition. The kitchen crew outdid themselves yet again by creating small one eyed mummified bananas as well as vegetables and pretzels.

Then it was time to get organized into two groups. Campers ranged from four to eleven in age and headed off to games and crafts appropriate to their ages and abilities.