Camp in Session - Day 2


The camp routines are falling in place - first games and colouring followed by assembling with leader Adam. Then the shoes come off for music and dance with Kim.

Yesterday’s Welcome Song and dance is remembered and starting to make sense.

Then it’s time to hear more about the story of Joseph - some of it carefully edited for young ears - and then time for snack billed as an Egyptian Feast served on gold bordered plates. Both olives and dates were surprisingly popular.

It was too wet to go outside, but we had a visit from our historian, Martha, who told us about Egypt, while our newest camper looked on - still recovering from an international flight. Meanwhile the collars made yesterday were on display and showed the talents of artists of all ages. Today’s craft project involved making a cartouche and Mother Johanna, our new curate,dropped by to observe.

And it seemed a great day to visit the Gardiner Museum in the afternoon and work with clay. After brief instruction, the campers get to work and produce some amazing results.