Camp in Session -Day 4


The early morning soccer game now has many players.


Each session becomes more focused as we move toward the presentation to parents on the last day and show them all the things we have learned.

After much practising of singing and dance, we moved on to the end of the story of Joseph and his brothers. There seemed to be tension before we finally got to the happy ending when all was forgiven and everyone was united.


The younger group of campers - either the Pharoahs or the Sphinxes - headed off for beadwork crafts:

The older group - either the Pharoahs or the Sphinxes - headed up to the quiet of the church where each received a set of scrolls - unlike the original ones in Joseph’s time, these were edible. But first they sat around a fire and heard about how scrolls told the story of early peoples and their histories. Nearly everyone listened and focused on the story rather than the photographer.