Summer Camp Concludes - Day 5


The final morning meant hard work at rehearsals and an interesting snack at the morning break - asps - as well as the usual round of dates, olives and pineapples. Head-ware and collars received their finishing touches. Children also created a cartouches with their own names in Egyptian hieroglyphs.

We took a break in Healey Willan park with several returning to don swim suits when the wading pool beckoned. Mother Johanna demonstrated her own athletic skills.

Then it was time to put on a show for a capacity crowd of grandparents, parents and siblings and show them all the things we had learned - including movement, using our ability to create a machine, playing Orff instrucments and singing a welcoming and departing song. Between segments, we heard the story of Joseph one last time. Parents and grandparents applauded and joined in a final feast.

A camp program like this one happens only with the dedicated commitment of many volunteers. Thanks to all those who shared their gifts and especially to Adam McComb for his leadership. As a tribute to all staff and volunteers who make summer camps such a wonderful experience for children and young people, our picture also appears on the Facebook site of the Women’s Interchurch Council of Canada . After many goodbyes, the hard working volunteers all departed for a celebration and supper at a neighborhood pub - and to say farewell to Adam as he begins a new year of studies. We shall miss his enthusiastic presence and leadership in all our children and youth programs in the current year.